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The Most Important Solutions For People Smart Enough To Know Why™

Optimalism Q2i® — available only from GRPMAX® — enables improvements of 25% or more across
the entire spectrum of personal, professional, and organizational endeavors.

Making the ImPossible Possible

GRPMAX has a more than proven decades long track record of developing uniquely innovative solutions to
problems that others consider to be impossible. GRPMAX makes the ImPossible Possible™.


Mission Impossible

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to overcome the power of the status quo and cognitive bias that would prevent you from

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Predictive Future Knowledge

What kind of advantage would your organization have if you knew today what was going to happen in the future? GRPMAX can’t give you

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Exhaustive Research & Analysis

Years of research by GRPMAX CIO Phillip A. Covington finds that most searches (researching market information, finding a key product

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A More Than Proven Track Record

What is today GRPMAX started in 1979 with its Founder providing specialized services to the manufacturing industry that lowered costs and automated procedures still being performed manually.

Innovation Development And Licensing

GRPMAX innovations are the result of more than four decades of work in the field, including over 15 years of providing innovative solutions and products to a large number of the Fortune 500, State and Federal Government, and major colleges and universities.

Computer Book Publishing

GRPMAX Founder and CIO Phillip A. Covington authored the bestseller “Computers — The Plain English Guide,” the first intro-level computer book of its kind. The Plain English Guide reached all four corners of the globe within four months of release, and was the most popular book prior to the Dummies series.

What Makes GRPMAX Different AND Better? Almost Everything...


About Us

GRPMAX is a polymath research, development, and solutions company able to apply decades of
highly proprietary experience found nowhere else to solve problems, deliver solutions,
and help you achieve performance that no one else can.